29 October 2014

Perfect, Episode Forty ♦ Howling Wind

Part Two of Perfect draws to a close with publication of

Perfect, Episode Forty ♦ Howling Wind

I hope you've enjoyed reading Perfect. Part Three is planned for 2015 - please use the "Follow on" links to the right to be notified when the next episode is available.

It's also important to thank a few people for their help in bringing you Part Two. I'm indebted to my friendly librarian Judith and her friend Pam for assistance on the final section of Episode Forty. Don't know how I could have written it without Judith's advice and feedback. Writing may be a solitary endeavor, but creation stems from contact with others.

Critique partners from Westside Writers also provided wonderful, useful feedback as I was developing each episode in Part Two.

Thank you April, Gayle, Judith, Marilyn, Mike and Pat, Pam, RebeccaWalt, Whitney, and Vanessa.

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