23 April 2013

Perfect Episode Twenty

Mysterious clues are guiding Anita and George. He has finally figured it out where they need to go. Where are they headed? And just how easy will it be to get there. Sometimes, life is just so...

Perfect, Episode Twenty ♦ Drooping

With this episode, I'm going to take a break from publishing for a few weeks. There is plenty of reading, researching, and writing to catch up on. I'm also developing a second, totally unrelated web serial which will be ready to roll out this summer.

Look for Perfect to return in June 2013. Hope to also have ePub and Mobi versions ready for your eReader - supporting Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and Calibre!

In the meantime, catch up on prior episodes, all free to read on the web.

Happy Spring!

09 April 2013

Perfect Episode Nineteen

Indianapolis is ruined. George and Anita are surrounded by their grief-stricken shipmates dealing with news reports beamed directly to everyone's brain -- everyone but Anita and George. How will they cope in a world going mad?

Episode Nineteen ♦ Together

As always, prior episodes are available as well.