30 March 2014

Perfect, Episode 25

I'm holding Episode 25 back for a couple days. Didn't think publishing on Fridays was working as well as I hoped. Look for it instead on 1 or 2 April. Thanks for the interest!

14 March 2014

Perfect, Episode Twenty-four

Now that George and Anita are settling into a new life in Hannibal, it's time to make some sense out of the clues, "Beware of hucksters. Find Sid & Mary after church. Where Samuel played." and "Be cautious. In Hannibal. Like Tabeau wrote of York."

It's more fun in the future historic town - or is that historic future town? - of Hannibal on the Mississippi. With guest cameos from beloved Twain characters. Will your favorite be there? Find out what advice Mary has in...

01 March 2014

Made it onto Web Fiction Guide

Perfect is now listed on the Web Fiction Guide, a great site to access all kinds of story-related fiction, available to read online, all free to read.