29 January 2013

Acknowledgment and Thank You

I would like to publicly acknowledge and thank those that have helped me as I've worked on Perfect.

First off, my critique partners from Westside Writers:

Also, for answering my question about bees and honey, Nick Nickels.

And of course you, gentle reader, for following Perfect.

A little more about Episode Fourteen ♦ Discomfort

All writers, all artists, like to experiment with their craft. I am no exception. However, when we drift into new or unknown territory, we may often be left with feelings of uncertainty or even displeasure.

Such was my experience with this episode. While I liked the general idea enough to write it, I wasn't quite sure it worked. I had a range of reactions from my critique partners. Some really didn't like it at all, others clearly got it and had fun with the new characters. What do you think of this episode?

While I don't usually comment on an episode, especially when it's first published, this time is different. The preference is to the let the work stand (or not) on it's own merits. I'm reluctant to tamper with that, but readers need to feel certain that, like all my writing, I'm careful in my choices and there are reasons behind everything in my work. This episode is no exception.

It was fun to play with the concept of having a single character talk through an entire episode. But more than talk, this is no lecture. He just goes on and on and on and on. We've all met people like him and while no single individual in my world has been Matt -- other than maybe the author -- we've all had encounters like this where strangers just keep talking. And then there's the TMI...

The other thing I find quite interesting is readers' reaction to the idea that George might be flirting with Matt in front of Anita and Parker. This online lookup of the verb "flirt" in the Oxford Dictionary of American English reveals the following:
flirtverb1 [no object] behave as though attracted to or trying to attract someone, but for amusement rather than with serious intentions:it amused him to flirt with her
  • (flirt with) experiment with or show a superficial interest in (an idea, activity, or movement) without committing oneself to it seriously:  a painter who had flirted briefly with Cubism
  • (flirt with) deliberately expose oneself to (danger or difficulty): the need of some individuals to flirt with death
Maybe in my world, flirting with someone isn't quite the same as coming on to someone. And yes, I know that for many couples, even looking at another will be the cause of long, protracted argument. But it's still fun to see the strong emotions this one word (out of almost 1900) elicits from readers.

Is George a bad person? Is Anita overreacting to George's apparent interest in Matt? Is George simply excited to be around a couple of gay guys? Really, that's for you to decide because once George left my mind and entered the ether, he lives and acts in your mind as much as anyone else's. Including mine. But I get to enjoy deciding what happens to him next!

Cue wicked laugh and video of author rubbing his hands together.

And now for something different, A New Episode!

Last time, Anita and George (the aliases of Avinashika and Luis) were left in the middle of the forest on a concrete platform next to The Track. While we knew something would happen, their next pair of helpers comes with one of those really friendly guys who loves to talk!

Time for the further exploits in Perfect, Episode Fourteen ♦ Discomfort


15 January 2013

New episode added

Well, this is the first time I have simply updated the episode -- no changing the website, no reformatting this or that -- it's just all right there.

02 January 2013

Perfect, Episode Twelve Available

Last time, Luis and Avinashika were contemplating Informateur replacement or removal. What did they do?

Find out in Perfect, Episode Twelve ♦ Identity