21 December 2012

Pushkin's Eugene Onegin mentioned in Episode One


You can read Eugene Onegin on Project Gutenberg. Other version (including Kindle) are available here. However, better translations are available. The Penguin Classics version (translated by Charles Johnston) is highly recommended. I also liked the Douglas R. Hofstadter version.

The version available at Project Gutenberg is the Henry Spalding translation. (BTW, this is the same version available free on Kindle). The poetry just doesn't work as well for me. Alas, I hate to say it, but it's pretty much a great example of most poetry I dislike - more obsessed with meter and rhyming than the story.

18 December 2012

Website Updates

Perfect is now available in regular browser text or PDF. The current episode [Eleven] will be displayed on the main page for Perfect. Prior episodes are available in browser text here. Additionally, you can read all episodes as a PDF.

I've also decided to change the day on which future episodes will be available. Starting in 2013, new episodes will be available every other Wednesday. Episode Twelve will be available on Wednesday 3 January 2013.

Hope your holiday season is happy!

16 December 2012

Perfect, Episode Eleven Available

Last time Luis was being held alone. Someone held a pillow over his face and asked him "Why do you seek Ugo?"

Who is holding Luis? Who is Ugo? Where is Avinashika? Find out in

Perfect, Episode Eleven ♦ Catherine

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Episode Twelve will be available 3 January 2013.

11 December 2012

Perfect Forum Added

Have something to say about Perfect? Of course you can always comment on blog posts.

But maybe you're a Perfect fan and you are looking for a place just for people like you to talk about Perfect things. Perfect has its own Facebook page, a great place to talk about Perfect.

[Note: Between December 2012 and August 2014 there was a separate Perfect Forum. That forum has closed.]


April Aasheim's book The Universe is a Very Big Place will be free to download for your Kindle or Kindle App this Thursday (13 Dec) and Friday (14 Dec). Don't forget to grab your free copy!

I love April's humor and sense of story.

02 December 2012

Welcome to my new blog!

To celebrate December and the publishing of my tenth episode of Perfect, I'm revealing my new nom de plume KALEB LYNN THOMAS and website! Welcome and thank you for joining me. Not much here as of yet, but that will change.

Perfect, Episode Ten ♦ Stone

Last time Cordella presented Luis and Avinashika with sleeping gas. What do our heroes do? Where do they end up next?

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Episode Eleven will be available 16 December 2012.

01 December 2012

Almost Ready - Coming Monday

I'm completing the editing of Perfect, Episode Ten ♦ Stone. While there is not much there yet, I'm also readying my new website and social networking profiles. I will start using them over the next week. Please follow me!