26 January 2014

Episode Twenty-one Coming This Week

Not only have I been busy writing and editing forthcoming episodes of Perfect - Episode Twenty-five has been committed to bits and bytes and Episode Twenty-six is churning around in the space behind my eyes - but I've updated the Perfect website in anticipation of publishing Episode Twenty-one Boxed In during the last week of January 2014.
While most edits are minor code, cosmetic, or navigational changes, I have reformatted the way prior episodes are included on the website. In addition to an all episodes PDF, each episode has its own page now. Find them on the Perfect Index. Now it is even easier to read an episode and bookmark the next - to read it another time.
Now is the perfect time to catch up on Luis and Avinashika's travels away from their comfortable, familiar homes and lives, as they travel across the eastern United States many years in our future. Where are they going? Will they find Willem? Will the give up their new identities as the married couple George and Anita Winston? What will life be like in their new home? Who else will they meet along their way?
Join me in the continuing adventures of the webserial Perfect.

18 January 2014

Perfect Returning January 2014

After a break, work is progressing on Perfect. Episode Twenty-One will be published before the end of the month with regular episodes every two weeks thereafter.

To be notified when new episodes are available, please use the links at right to follow me.