20 August 2014

Perfect, Episode Thirty-five ♦ Red Cloud

George and Anita are almost there!

After a rescue by some good folk from the town of Friorby, they've set off on the last leg of their journey. Across half the continent, they're in the middle of the Great North American Wilderness Park (GNAWP) - the depopulated area between the Mississippi River and the Sierra Nevadas & Cascades. But just as man is part of nature, there are people living in the wilderness much like people did in the early 1800s. Technically still a part of the Industrial Confederation, in the GNAWP there are no Informateurs and De Authoriteit does not exercise control.

As early as Episode Four ♦ Dreams, Avinashika (now known as Anita) dreamt of a red cloud. A recurrent image, in Episode Twenty-five ♦ Trade Beads Anita and George received their last clue: "My pioneers. West. Find me under a red cloud." It took the help of Clearie and a visit to Concordia to figure out where they needed to go.

Do George and Anita make it to Red Cloud? Find out in

Perfect, Episode Thirty-five ♦ Red Cloud

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