02 April 2014

Perfect, Episode Twenty-five

Finally! It's ready and available online.

My apologies for the delay - had some personal issues that put me behind a couple of days. Friday postings didn't seem to attract many readers. I'm looking to see how posting on a Wednesday pans out. After today, I'm planning to post every other Tuesday starting on 15 April 2014.

BTW, learn about the necklace in the photo here.

So, let's catch up with George and Anita Winston (fka Luis Antas & Avinashika Joshi) in Hannibal on the Mississippi. It's a couple hundred years or so in the future (from the time you read this): they live in the Perfect Age, a time without paper, a time with instantaneous access to information via a chip implanted in the skull, a time when three governments control the planet - and jostle for control.

But George and Anita are leaving that all behind. Hannibal on the Mississippi is a way station as they hunt for their guide west. Into the Great North American Wilderness Park - an uncivilized land stretching from the Mississippi to the Sierras and Cascades.

Last time, Mary said, "I am told trade beads are always useful." She curtsied and left George and Anita to figure out what to do next. They are also trying to solve a clue: "Be cautious. In Hannibal. Like Tabeau wrote of York."

Find out what happens next in:

Perfect, Episode Twenty-five ♦ Trade Beads

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