02 February 2014

Social Media and Networking

My oh my, but aren't there just so many options?!? What is an author to do? Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Tumblr, EpiGuide, WebFictionGuide, are we to manage all that and still find time to write? (Not to mention work a day job if you're just starting out!) Oh, and don't forget a website and blog.

  • What is working for you?
  • What sites do you use most, both personally and professionally?
  • Does social media help you or drive you nuts?
  • And what about good ole fashioned face-to-face networking; do you get much of that in?

Looking forward to reading what works for other writers, bloggers, and creative people out there. Just remember, while comments are eagerly sought, spam is not - so comments are moderated.

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