20 July 2013

Perfect Status

Previously the plan was to return with the next batch of episodes of <i>Perfect</i> in June. I've decided to postpone continuing the series until the fall. In the meantime I'm researching and developing the story, hoping to make it better, more interesting, and always working to improve the prose.

Don't worry, George and Anita - or Luis and Avinashika if you prefer - and Willem will return!

I'm also developing another webserial that I've wanted to write for some time. It's set in a fictional mid-market commercial bank in Texas during the 1980s and will have everything you expect from such a story: greed, lust, envy, power, intrigue, death, gossip, and, of course, money. More news on this project to come.

Hope you are enjoying your summer (or winter if down under)!

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